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Anonymous: I Guess Sergio still love Lara he is teasing her am completely sure that if he see lara he will lose his control ;) but lara is better than him she deserves a better and mature guy not childish guy like Ramos

he has a child with pilar now i don’t think it really matters now lara is happy thats all we need :)

07-31 - 13:17
Anonymous: hiii am sorry to say so but i really hate pilar i guess she destoryed lara life she took her boyfriend

its not the end for lara she is really talented and beautiful she would find her way :) she is always smiling see

06-25 - 4:57
Anonymous: hello :) i simply luv u and luv lara :) plz tell me what is the real reason behind sergio and lara split :( i feel that sergio cheated on lara .. but wanna know the truth from you greetings from Italy

hi im sorry i really don’t know but she deserves better

06-25 - 4:56
08-05 - 10:55 - 6 notes
Anonymous: Only a despicable person as you might be able to like and have a blog about this girl named Lara Alvarez! She should be proud of the "wonderful" fans that she has! But she also is no big deal...

only abominable shit like you can send hate to a person who is irrelevant in your life ? get over yourself and go see therapist. 

07-28 - 7:56
Anonymous: You know lara alvarez personally?

Right back at you?

07-28 - 7:55
Anonymous: Why are you saying that people who send questions to you are obsessed? If they have questions is because they are curious about the theme of your blog. So because people read news about Lara does not mean that they have mental illness. Who looks like it has mental illness is you! Because you has a blog about someone that you know nothing!

I’m talking about people who send hate dumbass.why cant you discriminate things? what kind of idiot would send hate to a person they dont know a thing about other than what media portrays as her.

07-28 - 7:55
Anonymous: Why are you telling people return to school and learn English? Many people struggle to write in that language, since not everyone has English as mother language. Be more polite! Yore parents taught you good manners?

English is not my mother language either, I learned didn’t i?? so get off your arse and take responsibility, I’ll be polite to people who who are sensible.No they didn’t sweetheart.

07-28 - 7:52
Anonymous: does lara got a mew bf ??

idk sorry

07-01 - 12:23
Anonymous: Hi do you know if Lara has a friend if so it is with Angel Martin togehter is seen and heard nothing of Lara in the media , they write nothing ???

I don’t folllow the media sorry

06-29 - 18:24